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About the website

Why was this website created?

The official logo of the Stolyarsky String Quartet since 2005Although, it might seem strange enough to have created a website of a quartet, which practically stopped existense in its true combination back in 2007 (or as some people say, in 2006), there are, in my opinion, some pretty good reasons for it. Thereby, a few words of explanation might be needed here.

When back in early 2010 I decided to transfer some of the live video recordings of the Stolyarsky String Quartet from my own analogue archive into a digital form and make them public by uploading this material to my YouTube channel I did not expect to get any considerable feedback on these. However, besides some nice comments I received several messages from the YouTube users questioning me about the quartet, its members and willing to hear more recordings or even wondering about the possibility of attending the next live performance.

Having taken part in the International ESTA (European String Teachers Association) conference in Malta in 2005 the Stolyarsky String Quartet, being at their peak, made a significant step towards wide recognition. And even though Malta turned out to become the last place for the SSQ to play abroad, few people have forgotten those SSQ performances. Every time I visit Switzerland or attend the annual International ESTA conference people are still asking me about "that quartet of yours".

I think it is time for everyone to know the story.

Stanislav Sagdeyev
December, 2010