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2002 audio recordings

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9 July, 2002 - Michaelskirche, Meiringen (Switzerland)

The Stolyarsky String Quartet at the concert in Michaelskirche (Meiringen)Not far from Brienz (where the instruments of the quartet were made) there is a place called Meiringen. And that is where the concert with the whole story of its own took place.

This time the quartet came not by car but by the big bus along with the group of young students of the Musikschule Konservatorium Bern who were driven all the way here just to let them attend the concert. Although everything seemed to be going just fine and there was enough time to have a rehearsal and lunch, it appeared that music for the 2nd violin was missing.

While the quartet was reheasing "anyway" Werner Schmitt rushed to the nearest hotel looking for a fax-machine. He managed to find out that Katya forgot the music on the stand in the Konservatorium room earlier thies morning, and he asked one of his people there to send it to Meiringen by Fax.