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Fun facts about the Stolyarsky String Quartet

  • While writing the first two pieces for the quartet ("Nocturne" and Spanish Dance "A Coast of the Sun") V.-L. Malichkina used a pseudonym "F. Smallet" in order to avoid any prejudgment from the side of the quartet members.
  • Originally, in 2001 M. Dyedikov supposed to be in the quartet from the beginning. However, due to necessity of playing the 4/4 cello, D. Khohlachov took his place (M. Dyedikov was only able to play the 3/4 cello then).
  • S. Sagdeyev's surname has been often misspelled in the program ever since "Ukrainische Kulturtage Bern" in 2001. It was spelled as: Saldejew, Sadeev and others.
  • During the concert in Kappara (Malta) the SSQ played a presto movement from the Beethoven quartet as an unplanned encore and even though the music of A. Murza fell down fom the stand while there was still about a half to play, he unshakably played right till the end.
  • Once, returning from Malta, the members of the SSQ had to spent 23 hours at the Vienna International Airport because due to the schedule, a plane from Vienna to Odessa departed about one hour before the plane from Malta arrived to Vienna.